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Uzbekistan , Monday 22 January 2018

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Uzbekistan intends to build second railway in Afghanistan

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

“It will be possible to get from Afghanistan to China in three days through Uzbekistan’s Andijan city due to the project implementation," he noted. President Ghani, in turn, said that the expansion of cooperation between the countries will improve the ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Uzbekistan's localized enterprises see output surge

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Publication date: onday 15 January 2018

and 8.9 percent accounted for the Andijan Region. The program for localization of production was adopted in Uzbekistan in 2000. More than 2,600 projects worth over $5.5 billion have been implemented in the country since then.

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Over $800 million received by Uzbek banks in 2017

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Publication date: hursday 18 January 2018

Uzbekistan’s population sold $854 million of cash foreign ... from the population falls on Tashkent city (32 percent), Samarkand region (10 percent), Andijan region (8 percent), Fergana region (9 percent) and Namangan region (7 percent).

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Household incomes per capita in Uzbekistan averaged 5.8 million soums

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

As reported on the official website of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics ... per capita income in the Khorezm region is 16.8 percent. Also, in Andijan – 14.7 percent, Surkhandarya – 14.5 percent, Namangan – 13.7 ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Uzbekistan: 10 years after the Andijan massacre

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Publication date: onday 11 May 2015

Andijan, Uzbekistan - It was the biggest and bloodiest crackdown on a popular revolt in the former Soviet Union since its 1991 dissolution - and the reason why the US lost a strategic foothold in Central Asia, right next to Afghanistan. On May 13, 2005 ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Dozens Possibly Dead in Uzbekistan Protests

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Publication date: Friday 13 May 2005

ANDIJAN, Uzbekistan – Soldiers opened fire on thousands of protesters in eastern Uzbekistan (search) on Friday after demonstrators stormed a jail to free 23 men accused of Islamic extremism. At least 50 people may have been killed in clashes with police ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Uzbekistan’s Human Rights Nightmare

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 October 2014

One of the prisoners profiled in the report is Isroiljon Kholdorov, now 63. He had been the chairperson of the Andijan branch of Uzbekistan’s only registered human rights organization in 2005. Following the May 15, 2005 shooting of protesters in Andijan ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Gunfire continues in Uzbekistan

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Publication date: Sunday 15 May 2005

ANDIJAN, Uzbekistan — Sporadic shooting continued Monday in an eastern Uzbek city where an uprising sparked a crackdown by security forces that left up to 500 people dead, and a human rights group reported that clashes in another town killed an ...

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Where is U.S. Policy on Uzbekistan Headed Following Andijan?

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 June 2005

On May 13, government soldiers in Uzbekistan opened fire on thousands of protestors in the eastern Uzbekistan city of Andijan. These actions raised deep concerns in the United States and around the world about the direction in which Uzbekistan is headed.

News Uzbekistan » Andijan: Why America shouldn't sever Uzbekistan ties

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Publication date: onday 05 September 2005

Tension between the United States and Uzbekistan intensified after a jailbreak in Uzbekistan's Andijan Province on May 12 and 13. Armed prisoners took hostages and likely took lives. Unarmed civilians joined in the protest that followed. Uzbek officials ...